Regarding Greek life on campus

I received this email an hour ago, however it was timestamped for Aug 29. I seem to be at the top of the list since few people I have spoken to have actually seen it. Dig in, it’s juicy.

Dear Students,

Many of you may be aware of an event known as Rush. It is my objective to
warn you of the potential downsides of Greek organizations. I advise you to
not succumb to the aggressive recruitment tactics used by these
organizations. It has been my concern over the years, that the Greek culture
of alcoholism and lack of respect for the community degrades campus life.
These organizations present themselves as prestigious, yet are
discriminatory, serve to perpetuate social inequality, especially with
respect to the opposite gender, and promote a lack of diversity. Many
students have expressed concerns with regards to safety on campus,
particularly due to Greek culture and behavior. It is my hope that a
student’s experience on campus strengthens one’s individuality, but the Greek
system emphasizes the group above all, without cause or reason. This is
detrimental to the purpose of universities.

I hope that you will consider wisely.

GDI Chancellor Richard Herman

*edit*This obviously turned out to be a hoax, but was entertaining nonetheless, as my imagination ran wild with how a riot would pan out south of Green Street.  So far, I’ve heard that it was sent from a Hotmail account in Newman Hall.

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