Traveling again

It’s that time again… where to go next?

After letting Morocco digest a little bit (and after some sparking dialogue with a friend online), I think it is time to start setting some goals for travel.  Yes, there have been considerations on my part for volunteering with the Peace Corps.  But, what else?  I don’t feel experienced yet in traveling alone to really commit two years to service, especially when I have not had any in-depth/daily teaching experience.

Right now, I have experienced as much foreign travel as I can handle in one year, really.  But, to keep with the hobby, I am going to the Navajo Nation out West after Christmas to experience teaching in an environment like that.  It’s a trip that I will be taking with a handful of friends from Uni. and should be a great first experience to road trips.  More details to come on the Navajo experience.

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