Top-Ten: What I love about Busch Gardens (Tampa)

The top-ten reasons that Busch Gardens has a place in my childhood memories:

  1. Clean and very easy to get around with great ‘signage’
  2. Live-action animal theatre > there is only one place that I can see wannabe actors/performers break character when the ostrich does notunderstand what to do onstage
  3. Well-planned and thoughtful parking design > complete with shuttles around the lots so you don’t have to walk a half mile back through the closing mayhem
  4. Very reasonable eating & pricing
  5. Free samples of Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser beers at the hospitality shack > just name a quiet, shaded porch where can you watch pink flamingos while sipping on a sample of the new seasonal brew
  6. Go see the traditional Budweiser Clydesdales > per tradition of my father, I brought home a Budweiser Holiday Stein to begin my own collection
  7. Grandma was just as excited to go there as the parents and kids were.  She took all of her lady friends there just a few weeks ago!
  8. Busch puts the ‘PARK’ in theme park > beautiful grounds/landscaping to walk amidst, no sense of an urban landscape, a zoo simultaneously existing with all of the adrenaline-pumping rides
  9. The home of my first roller-coaster experience > it still stands today
  10. Family Tradition > unbreakable and invaluable
My favorite theme park to date, no matter what rides I might enjoy more.

My favorite theme park to date, no matter what rides I might enjoy more.

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