Another instance of teachable moments

In the car with a ‘colleague’, I was challenged to come up with a learning objective to fit the modifications I demanded of her Mini Cooper’s lighting system.  The formulated objective follows:

Through hands-on mechanical activities, [colleague] will be able to perform alterations to the Mini Cooper’s environmental lighting systems in order to promote better self-expression of the driver’s choice of beat music which will be subsequently informally evaluated by the number (and quality) of high-fives displayed upon the passenger’s exit.

Thank you for telling me that I’ve got the teacher in me.  I have not heard that a while, but that phrase has an amazing ability to uncloud some of the doubts I run into as the full submersion into teaching approaches…

If you’ve got a friend who you really think will be or is really good at what they do, then go out and tell.  I bet you that simple compliment will make their holiday season a bit cheerier.

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