New Year’s approaching…”there’s no match for a roman holiday”

The weather has finally shown us what winter in Illinois is all about.  And I remembered that this week was also about the time that I was meeting my travel companions for the first time.  The semester is almost over, and so is this 2008 year.  Let me say that I look forward to those last few weeks.  But, looking back, I honestly could not have planned a better year for myself, excluding the year’s exit celebrations.  I say planned because this was definitely a year of somewhat spontaneous firsts that were very rewarding (not something that is very characteristic of me).

I started out the first minutes of 2008 with classmates in the modern square overlooking the Roman Forum…. yeah.  Spectacular would describe only half of it.  Following that, I traveled abroad twice more in the matter of six months (a feat I can barely comprehend now that I have been stationary for a few months after that).  Traveling was really nothing that I ever specifically had planned in advance for my college career, but I got hooked (obviously).

Needless to say, it’s been a year that I need to do a lot more thinking about before I write that year-end wrapup.  But I do know that I miss a lot of people I have met in all of this year’s adventures, even more than the remote locations themselves (which is definnitely saying something!).  So, let me say Happy Holidays to them.  I hope to see you all soon, even if it isn’t in an enchanting foreign country.

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