Packing up my last four years

  • 3:40  The thought hit me after sitting on the couch watching a (pretty boring) movie that I should probably start this whole process
  • 3:39  All of the memories start rushing back (cooking in the kitchen, Aunt Jemima, screaming at video games, overdubbing bad television, relaxing after a hard day, movies with wine, summer nights and so much reading)
  • 3:41  The emotional part of packing sinks in
  • 3:48  I turned on the music
  • 3:51  I finish taking pictures of this strange place I’ve called home for what feels like forever
  • 3:52  I started this post
  • 3:55  I miss my friends something terrible already
  • 3:56  Remembering the nights we all yelled at the neighbors
  • 4:04  “I’d do everything you want me to” ~ Ben Kweller
  • 4:30  Finding forgotten cards & letters people wrote me
  • 4:30  “So, for now, it’s just another lonely day” ~Ben Harper
  • 4:39  “Time takes time, you know” ~Folds
  • 5:19  Look at all those pictures of foreign places on my walls
  • 5:20  I am a lot happier with the smell of steak in my apartment
  • 5:20  I never used my ice skates once this semester!
  • 6:16  Dinner was such a good idea

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