Postings from my trip to Rock Point

Check out the blog that I have dedicated to the my educational trip to Rock Point Navajo School in Arizona.  I promised details for this trip in earlier post, so here’s the gist: five students (including myself) are traveling with my former Curriculum & Instruction professor to the Soutwest to spend some time working and observing in a Navajo school.  My professor worked two years on the reservation school at Rock Point and still has contacts there.  We are road-tripping out to my professor’s house to get organized and see some of the scenery.  Then, we move on out to the ‘rez’ where we will be staying in one of the dormitories and going to the school for a full school week.  We left just a couple days ago.  There have been some great sights already.  I hope only to learn as much as there is to see on the other side of this grand country of ours.

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