Rushed reflections & resolutions

From Colorado, in a professor’s house with fellow classmates, here are my rushed New Year’s reflections and resolutions:

  • Make the absolute best of every moment of student teaching.  And I mean it.  I feel like I have a lot to prove already to my mentors/sponsors.  But I am ready to work.  Hard and with no excuses.
  • I would like to commit to writing a lesson plan a day, but that might get out of hand.  I will still start tomorrow.
  • This year, I want to land a job, get a car and drive across country with some friends over the summer.  I realized that there is still a lot of the North American continent that I have yet to see.  Then again, I can still see myself working overseas (JET Programme comes to mind, followed by Peace Corps)…
  • Finally, I will stay fit and not let myself slip despite the stress of student teaching, job searching and a major life transition in graduation, etc.  I learned a great lesson from a consistent workout schedule, thanks to a summer workout buddy.
  • I also want to learn piano at some point.
  • And laugh.  A lot.  So, bring it on.

One thought on “Rushed reflections & resolutions

  1. Dear Adam,
    I had a stint as a piano teacher in high school. I can take care of that resolution…but only if you hang out with me while we’re alone in the suburbs.

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