First sunrise of 2009

Well, I missed the sunrise, but the view from my prof’s home sure is wonderful after 8 a.m..  Snow-covered mountains all-around.

Last night, just after the turn of midnight, I took my glass of champagne and went back outside to star-gaze into a sky that is so unpollulted from light…  I just can not remember when I saw so many stars.  Amidst that night light, the crackling of neighbors’ fireworks and the barking dogs that did not appreciate that use of gunpowder, I took a notebook to scribble down the first few things that came to mind in ’09 as I leaned up against a roof post.  (Now that I look back on that scene this morning, I realize it was all too (South?)Western of a comfort.)

This just gives you a little glimpse at the stars that lit the first hour of my New Year.

This just gives you a little glimpse at the stars that lit the first hour of my New Year.

After a couple of personal initiatives, I started with the tacky teacherly thoughts:

  • Teach like you believe it.
  • Teach to the stars.

This was one time that I respected the cold and the dark.  The year opened for me, not with that pop of the champagne cork, but with the constant, calm starlight and the short flashes of light that only tell me people other than myself are excited about what this year can offer.

I made a promise that I would watch the first sunrise of 2009; that did not work after being on the road for so long the last few days and then staying up until 2 a.m..

Cold — knowing I should be losing my warmth but not feeling any chill as I turn around the corner into the new year — actually became something of a comfort.  I needed a quiet start and I appreciated the space I could give myself.  And I figured that as long as I am armed with just a few tools (a good winter coat, a notebook or a charged camera in this case), just a little perspective and open eyes can create quite a spectacle.

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