On photographers’ mortality

As photographers, we all enjoy putting our sight into some permanance.  But, I realized that my sheer glee at photographing a Colorado sunset in Mesa Verde National Park after 4:30 p.m. that I will only ever want to die with a sunset in sight, when the light spectrum peaks. There was some amazing sunset light in the Park, and I wished only that a few of my photog friends could see it for themselves. I do not think that I give the color enough credit with my shots…

The time spent driving through the park was quite relaxing and really made a great debut to 2009.  Thanks to everyone who was out there.  Last year, I had quite a blast on New Year’s Eve in the Roman Forum, but this New Year’s day was one to remember.  And certainly one to keep the photographs.

Here are some photos from the trip so far.

[edit: I have changed links to display photos from the entire trip…enjoy! Right-click on the slideshow for a fullscreen option.]

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