Global friends

Yesterday, I had a super visit yesterday from a friend I met in London, but lives in the States.  When we first met, I didn’t have a phone to exchange numbers with nor a laptop with internet to Facebook, email, whatever; I found myself back in the good ol’ days of wondering when she’d be around, when we’d both have free time  to talk, share a meal and all the other things that I now find myself relying on technology to help plan.  ‘

Enter: the paper ‘text-message’. Being a writer, I obviously realized that paper can still do all those things, if you tack a scratch piece of paper onto or slip under a door.  (Duh, that’s what my mother did for me until I was in sixth grade!  But you still wonder why generations of kids in schools will still slip notes to each other…)  But, what is so spectacular about my friendship with her is that I started from the basics and then moved us onto the web and phones to really get to know each other.

So, in addition to my New Year’s reflections, let me also send a shout-out to the mobile, globalized world for showing me that there is still hope for good person-to-person chat to change two people’s lives.

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