Words of wisdom(?) from Grandpa

With all my writing on family connections, I have to say that my relationship with my grandfather is one of the strongest and most valued, for me.  I have always listened to his worldview, his ‘Paul-Star’ directions when driving, but most importantly, his (in this case, sarcastic) humor.  During a pretty safe and worry-free procedure to have a pacemaker put in the other day, apparently had to get shocked back into this world.  My aunt asked him about the experience post-op when he was still really loopy on anesthesia.  (He does not remember saying any of this.)  The conversation went something like this:

  • So, Dad, I heard they had to shock you back to life?
  • Oh yeah?  No one told me about that.  I didn’t feel anything.
  • Did you get to see ‘the white light’?
  • No.  I didn’t see any ‘white light’ but I did see Jesus running from me.

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