Feeling very American today

What could I possible be hinting at?  Well, many are probably thinking that this is about the inauguration.  (Sorry to disappoint.)  No, this post is about not having any laid back moments available this week.  I think my rushed attitude is already taking a toll on my friends.  Frankly, I have no choice.  I know that my excessive to-do list will suffer major casualties once I begin student teaching next week.  And this whole let’s-have-20-some-hours-of-class-and-assign-work-for-the-remaining-waking-hours-of-my-students’-lives attitude of the Ed program is not helping.

So, no time for ciestas, social time or good-dinner prep time.  Just a wish for any temporary superpower that allows me to not sleep for the next week.  Or, make that permanent wish so that I can lead another life as a culinary artist.

This post took too many valuable minutes out of my day.  Rawr.

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