New after-school habits I find my slipping into

Where are my pajamas?  I finally got up to my room around 6 p.m. after running some errands after my first day of ‘student teaching’.  Today was mostly orientation and the like, but, man, am I beat.

So, I need to get into a post-work stress relief habits.  First comfort after coming home is definitely lounge bottoms and a hoodie after wearing slacks and a tie for the whole day.

More to come…

(That is, after watching Blago get opened up on The View... which might be a stress-reliever enough!)

One thought on “New after-school habits I find my slipping into

  1. yeah working full time is definitely a balls slap in the face. i feel so exhausted after a day of texas teaching that i go in to a daze for awhile and can barely eat dinner. not cool. i hope the kids love you tomorrow!

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