‘My kids’ on the first day of student teaching

As a teacher, I need to be better well-rounded with my classroom (and thus, my behavior) management skills.  I think that field observations have not prepared me for kids in your classroom who might get labeled the ‘characters’.  I’ve got great sets of kids, whether through the design of my cooperating teachers or the just the random computer drawings.  I suspect my co-ops could pick  up on the worry and the stress in my communication with them.  And I hope that being assigned the behaviorally unchallenging classes was no choice that they made because they thought the kids would ‘break’ me.

First day was, then, based on this assessment, great.  But almost too comfortable?

Beyond really getting a first impression of what classroom management was going to be like, I did get to teach today.  I had a mini-lesson on the Latin stem auto- (meaning self) which I transitioned well into an introduction of myself.  I was a little surprised that my activity (write two words that begin with the stem and then doodle a picture of them) yielded only a couple shows of creativity.  Then again, first day back on a new semester.

Critique: my coop mentioned that I slipped in and out of two personalities (which can lead to consistency issues when student engagement is consired).  He called the personalities on one side, “cerebral” and then on the other side, “personal”.  I knew what he was getting at.  My pacing, proximity and presence were all geared in.  But, I had not decided what teacher side I was going to reveal first to make my opening day’s impressions.  I got aloof with some explanations (because I was had to make a switch out of intensive college discussions leftover from last week) and let my personable charm slide away as I found literary connections to the word autonomy.

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