Goodies from the first week

  • Playing basketball with ‘the guys’ of my placement at 6a.m..  I was 0/5, with two complete airballs.  I had a teacher come into my class today to have my teacher (standing five feet away from me) remind me that adding more arc does not necessarily translate to greater distance.  This is my culture.  I then had to explain to my class, which I decided to do silently at the blackboard, first writing out my stats and then drawing the ‘arc’ of the shot that was referenced.  The basketball kids especially died of laughter.
  • During classroom discussion today on vocab words with the Latin stem -cracy (meaning government), I asked the kids who might be examples of rich people who would rule in an aristocracy in our country.  First, there was the mention of Bill Gates (mentioned earlier in reference to technocracy).  Then, (of all people to mention during this whole Blago event unfolding today) Oprah!  Pay to play!
  • A fellow student teacher completely wiping out in front of a school dean when her heel got caught in her pant leg.
  • Crazy dream because my mind won’t shut down from teaching mode.  Here goes…  So, I was in the middle of a lesson when some little cocky short dude comes in and says that I have “been replaced”.  I look at my cooperating teacher and see him point to the door, motioning me out without a word.  I go to the division head, who tells me that I was fired from student teaching because they were really only looking for someone who would coach athletics.  So, I was given ‘my box’ to pack up my stuff.  I was then in the parking lot, realizing that in this whole ‘firing’ process, they also decided to tow my car.  Craziness.  You think I am feeling a little bit if pressure on this whole “14-week interview”?  Not at all about anything athletics-related, let me assure you.  I also moved my dreamcatcher the other day, so could be catching bad vibes from its discomfort in being moved…

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