Grading in green

I went on my Staples shopping spree the other day.  (Not that I will ever go there again because the manager told me there was no discount promotion for teachers and the cashier, who was super friendly, saw my school ID and metioned me to the teacher rewards program…I should have reported the mgr to corporate.)  I picked up some essentials, including my new set of pens.

As a freshman in high school, the teacher who inspired me to be a teacher put together an entire unit on censorship, patterned around the themes of Farenheight 451.  As the lessons unfolded, we found out why red pen is the mark of evil; he chose green ink for correction because it was motivational and did not make the page (and thus, the author’s words) are ever bleeding from some any type of censorship injury.

So, I am grading in green this Sunday morning.  And I could not feel better about making suggetsions for improvement.

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