2-3 Key Values

One of the writing assignments for homework today’s class was to write about 2-3 key values that we hold.  I liked the idea as I heard my co-op announce his expectations for the paper that students would be just drafting for tomorrow’s class.  The idea reminds me of one of my favorite programs on NPR: This I Believe.  I think this resource, along with a writing activity such as this, is really essential in helping students set positive priorities and adopt strong values as they journey closer to their adulthood.

So, in This I Believe fashion…what I will be reading to ‘my kids’ tomorrow:

I think food brings people together. I value the experience of a good meal, shared with friends, family or even new friends.  For me, cooking is also relaxing and gives me something to put my hands to work on when I get stressed.  I miss the days when brownies were a cure-all during college finals.   Or when my friends would go for breakfast at noon, just to mix things up a bit.
Further than I think anyone my age does, I also hold my family very close to me.  I believe that the influences of my family have helped to shape the person I am and the image of who I want to be.  I learn from them every week.  From my mother I learned patience; from my father: serious dedication.  From my siblings, I learned the gist of nonsense.  And not many years ago, my grandfather established for me how far a dedicated husband would hold onto the hand of his ever-loving wife.

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