Positive notes! Woohoo for a breather!

My co-op started one of my classes this semester on the habit of writing a daily compliment note to someone you were impressed with in class.  Both the teacher(s) and the students write a note and then put the notes into a bin to be handed out the next day to start the period off on a good foot.  Today, I altered that procedure and had students read their notes after they had turned in their quizzes.  I created a bit of distraction with this, but, at the same time, I did receive my first compliment regarding that class… from a student!  I realized that these positive messages did really belong at the top of the hour, because the note itself really propelled me into a new energy for the rest of the lesson.

I also got some good feedback and felt relatively comfortable in front of my classes today.  I got compliments on being prepared, but seeing things through to their not-so-perfect endings.

Finally a pat on the back to keep going!

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