Writing my way through so much more in life…

I’ve had a couple people tell me about how this blog has helped me push through some of the rougher patches of the last couple months.  I’ve had a couple of ‘found’ moments here that I have shared with my (small) readership.  This is certainly not one of those posts.

I am LOST.  And no, not in the sense that I am consumed by that television show.

No, instead I am lost in what I am doing as a student teacher.  I am looking at some not so high marks as I go through some of the evaluations of my students.  I am looking over my first observations.  I am looking over the clocked hours that I have put into this position/internship/whatever.

I get some great messages from a couple of my friends.  Their cheer helps, but when my mood gets low enough, I only want to hear a few of their voices for a couple seconds.

Teaching is harder than I could have ever imagined.  Field observations never prepared me for this level of commitment, mental drain or responsibility to an age group that I am no longer a part of (and that I can impact for a very long time to come, especially as I hand out grades).  And I am quickly realizing that these are hardships that I cannot write my way out of. I’ve gotten the pat on the back from a couple colleagues, but that, like those quick phone calls to friends, is just not doing enough.

My blog posts have been slim — nothing cheersome or reflective.  And what of those New Year’s resolutions?

So, here is the first post without an aim.  Testify!  I have a lot of sorting to do.

But first, application essays!

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