What could you possibly need sleep for as a teacher?

Well, I finally took a look at what some of the effects are of sleep deprivation… the results?  Actually, teachers are in a terrible spot to be losing sleep over anything when the two most-affected brain functions are:

  1. Verbal performance
  2. Memory

What could I use those for during the day?

Really, this post was a celebration of a good day of hard work and comradeship.  I spent 3:30-5 a.m. this morning in something of a nap after a very tumultuous/panicked falling-asleep experience.  Today was just great.  Both of my lessons went very well.  (And I was complemented on my performance!  Always refreshing…)  I got cracking on more planning for the rest of the week and really got to the point where I was comfortable going out to lunch with the staff without sacrificing writing/prep time.

Shout out to my split-a-cookie-at-the-end-of-the-day partner: she really reminded me how to smile today!

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