Student teaching = schadenfreude

I run into this when I see the teachers in my department laughing at my toils, but telling me that teaching life does get better after a while.  I have kept my distance from complaining.  I’ve been honest about the amount of work that I am doing, just a proof to myself and to others that my rushed, work-hard demeanor is something that I am devoting to my students.  But, honestly, laughing some of the small toils off and hearing more experienced teachers laugh at me (now daily, and not just on the basketball court) works to boost my motivation to someday be that teacher laughing at the misfortune of another student teacher learning their own way of jumping through the hoops.

I hear it all over my emails from fellow student teachers.  (Honestly, you don’t realize how many people, even if you are thinking I am talking specifically about you…)  I promised myself that complaining would not be part of the regular flow of things.  I had one professor who said to never stick around the teachers’ lounge, because the place is just a pit of complaining about kids or complaining about teaching.  And, why do I need that?  I am beginning to realize that we need to laugh at each other, because the experience will be over someday.  And why not enjoy parts of that laughter now?

I laugh at myself for not being challenged to a level like this until now…which is my own misfortune, I suppose.  I used to think of a person who likes a challenge and who is ready to find a way to step up.  I have to prove to myself every minute that I live that motto, because that is exactly the amount of time that my brain is processing the whole student teaching experience.

So, laugh me up.  And let me know.  But never tell me I do not want to teach.  I’ve been good at my performance this week, and this post will be a positive note to my future self when I eventually run into another hitch.

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