Compounding a great weekend…

… are the comments from a close friend and my now esteemed reader of job application essays:

I can hear your excitement in them, which I couldn’t really in that first one you sent me a while ago.

Monday has been really self-motivating, yes, and that excitement manifest itself in some of my writing tonight.  (When did I post here last?  Not recent enough!)  Both lessons went fantastic today.  I have a student who is just completely stuck in the pits of his grade and I have never seen him more motivated to get everything caught up and well-presented.  He made up all of his quizzes today and seemed intimidated by the essay and project he promised to turn in tomorrow.  I also brought in my camera to school for a pep assembly.  That grip, the lens-switches, the quick-fire settings tweaks all felt great.  I miss that zone more and more now that Illinois basketball has a competitive team just as I run away to student teach!  (grumble, grumble)

The weekend leading up to today was great for a number of reasons.

  1. FANTASTIC experience at the final job fair.  I started the morning by beating mile-long line of traffic to get into the parking lot.
  2. Met a my formal high school principal who made a point to introduce me to both English department heads from her district.  The district is looking to start a new World Lit curriculum (which, of course is right up my alley!).  I told them I was already teaching that curriculum, and needless to say, the excitement amongst all of us was very refreshing and motivating.
  3. Found my dream school in Zion-Benton’s new tech school.  1-1 laptop-to-student initiative, small school community, all project-based learning and they have a World Lit English teacher opening!  What more could I ask for?
  4. Saw a couple of my old pals on a house/apartment-warming get-together.  Felt good to let loose the adult reigns for a night and just be around my peers again.

So, now (finally) enter the days of Adam JB, the teacher finally becoming a master?

Ok, no, I am not that full of myself yet, but let the confidence sit on my shoulder for a while.  I needed a boost.

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