What to make of student teaching

With my midterm evaluations coming up, I feel I need to update you all before I have to hear from the critical eyes of my cooperating teachers and supervisor.

I wish so much that I could say, “One thing at a time.”  Unforunately, there is so much at risk in so many categories.  I think this has been the hardest part of the student teaching mentality to grapple with.  I want to teach so well, but the rhythm of having to do so much so fast and with such effectiveness.  Holy guacamole.

I learned that I love to steal from all different types of sources.  I learned that discusing a novel is WAY harder than I could ever observe from the other side of the pupil desk.

Oh, and the reading and writing process is so natural that breaking the steps down can be quite a challenge.  Now, writing is a little better for me to control because there is production involveed (checkpoints help a lot).  Reading is tremendously difficult to teach, evaluate or even explain; reading comprehension involves so much thought that can not be quantified or qualified without hearing or seeing some production.

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