Note to self: comfort is for buffoons

I am so far ahead in grading for my classes.  I pretty much have the books closed on both of my classes.  So, I took in a lot of advice from other teachers today after school about the next unit I am planning.

I look now at the lab schedule and feel an epic fail coming on… the 4-5 week research project on current events that I am supposed to do… there is no consistent lab time across any week.  I feel a massive panic attack coming on.

On the night before midterm evals…  I aimed for tomorrow to be stress-free.  Now, I will not sleep AGAIN because of something I did not think of, was too burned out to remember and in general will lead to MORE STRESS because I cannot do this the way I expect myself to.  (If you aren’t getting a sense yet that I am tremendously hard on myself when it comes to teaching, then wake up.)  I thought getting ahead and staying there was the remedy for these shaking anxiety sprees.  I need to run and the night is too far in to go tot he gym late and Spring teased way too early this year.

End entry: chronicles of student teaching.

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