SPAM to show for the journey

I was exhausted today.  And there was really nothing more to think about after school today.  I had great cheers over a student teacher pizza outing.  I have never seen so many smiles from a group of (well, I guess now former) student teachers.

Nevertheless, there are some weeks I have to make up for.  I need to give back to my family who put up with my wide range of reactions to teaching.  I need to rebuild the friendships I ghosted away from after entering the school system.  In short, I have a whole new life to  build.  That much is exciting. I actually think I am in the most fit of shape entering into summer than I have been all of my college career.  I have some career strategy to start weighing out.

And, oh damn, an electronic portfolio to mend/build/finish.  Superactivity re-engage!

Thanks to all who have journeyed with me so far.  To those who have been lost: I will find you all again shortly.

One story from my last day…
Fridays can a little testy.  My students generally were (note the use of past now…) roudy and ready to breeze through to the weekend without taking their brains for any exercise.   One of them really shocked me today.  In the middle of class, the student burst out to say that the class had a gift for me.  Not taking the bait for a classroom coup d’état, I tried to move forward, but I was already on my backup plan (thanks to technology faults on the last day).  The time spent on backpedaling into another activity left an opening they felt they needed to fill.  They wanted me to turn around so the gift might be presented.  I stood firm against their demands.  I refocused, handed out my backup plan activity and mistakenly turned halfway to close my laptop at my desk.  The class had quieted down and they began taking a quick survey.  When I faced the class again, there was a can of off-brand canned ham on the table.

t: “What is this?”
s1: “That’s your going-away present.”
t: “What is this?”
s2: “It’s SPAM.  Well, we thought it would be better than Ramen!”
t: (Chuckles) “Better than Ramen, but not by much… You guys realize that I could take this as a huge insult since I don’t have a job, yet, right?”
s1: “Oh… well, at least you have something to eat other than Ramen!”
s2: “We are nourishing you!”
s1: “This canned ham is very nutritious!” (begins reading off the Sodium & Fat milligrams…)
s1: “Aren’t you going to open it to see how it tastes?”
s1: “You are such a picky eater!”

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