Odds & ends & artifacts: finding things in my closet after a complete remodeling

So, over the weekend, my brother and I stripped our closet down to the bare walls to install some new organization, and, in the process, I realized that I really needed to go through some boxes of files, etc.  Of course, the framed pictures, gifts and other items from old relationships are the first to surface.  But, beneath some buried memories are ones that are particularly memorable.The following is a list of ‘found items’ I forgot about dating back at least to my high school years.  Let this not be a cheesy reminiscent post, but rather a post to all my college friends about the person they never knew me to be.

  • Books I have not read yet
  • Notes from a duet slam piece I performed with Taylor Mali at Writers Week
  • Four years’ worth of Writers Week schedules with my name as a featured student writer
  • A thank-you note for my presentation at Writers Week from my friend who passed away last year
  • “Biggest suckup”, “Most likely to ALWAYS do their 500m”, “Most likely to jump for a false alarm” from my first few years at the old Birchwood Pool
  • Signed high school yearbooks… need I say any more?
  • Thank-you notes for many different occasions
  • Apparently, I kept every receipt that I ever put on my old debit card…
  • Camera purchase invoices
  • More camera purchase invoices
  • Did you know?  I used to run and host a poetry slam in my hometown.  So, I have many copies of the flyers, newspaper articles and paperwork for the team that we sent to the National Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, NM in 2005.
  • Program from the high school performance of Fiddler on the Roof in which I was the constable
  • “Hottest in a Wetsuit” & “Four Years on Speech Team” awards (amongst many others for Speech)
  • ACT & AP results… never to be mentioned again
  • My AP Physics video storyboard & rationale for why my group produced the absurd video short, “Lord of the Bling”
  • Many, many school newspapers in which I had photographs
  • A really nice pencil from Augustana
  • Newspaper I saved from 9/11 (beneath a handful of DI copies of the Chief’s last dance at U. of Illinois)
  • Junior High yearbooks!
  • Photobooks
  • ALL of my high school creative writings
  • My entire education intern portfolio when from my senior year of high school — just to think, I could have taught Spanish (like I did for a time before finding an English cooperating teacher)
  • A Polaroid camera, aha!
  • Finally, Chicago Tribunes of the Bulls’ final championship, Jordan’s retirement and Clinton + NATO stepping into the Kosovo crisis

So, cheers to belated spring cleaning.  I never thought I would have so many flashbacks this week, just as I am getting back into job search mode.

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  1. We watched Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make” at the end of the school day yesterday with all the corps members and staff there and it was phenomenal. Obviously, I’d seen it before, but it was really lovely to watch it after such a hard week, where we’re technically making nothing but a big difference (I hope). Jealous that you performed with him.

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