From old & rusty to vintage: the Schwinn tandem


I am ‘adopting’ my mother’s old tandem bike and doing my best to bring life back to the contraption.  Sawdust, cob or spider webs mostly gave the bike the ‘old’ look; I brought it up to ‘vintage’ now.  I oiled/greased up the gears and rubbed the rest of the bike down with some WD40 for protection against whatever the garage may throw its way.



My final eval:

  • Gears, shifter, drive & brakes in working order
  • Front steering bar is warped, leaving the bar a little skewed (needs replacement)
  • Air pressure is mostly holding in the tires for more than a day, but the rims are rusting and in need of replacement (might as well do a full tire set)
  • Tire guards(?) are rusting and could use some ‘pimpage’

Suggestions on approach?

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