CA09: Finally got that oceanview room

*This post has been updated on July 12 to add photos and additional food comments.

I am currently on a family trip out to California, and we are just settling down for the night.  I fought to the end of the day with my siblings to change rooming arrangements so I can have the bedroom with the windows that open out to the ocean.  This condo we rented is just filled with crazy stuff (Safari theme is in the lounging area, but I just moved at least 6 stuffed animals off of one of the beds).  California is really quite unlike any other place I have been in the United States.  The Sunshine State (Florida) really has nothing on the Golden State (California), especially when weather comes into play.

Benefits of California:

  • No bugs, Period.
  • Sea breeze minus the humidity
  • Fresh fish (freshly smoked is, so far, the best) and great dining… my cousins were just talking about sushi!
  • Sheer cliffs that we walk down to get to the beach
  • Amazing surf/waves that promote the cool kids to Boogie Board
  • (list will continue)

[svgallery name=”2009_california1web”]

A couple things I need to work on out here:

  • starting a Quote of the Day section for my travel posts
  • more photos!
  • finding someone who needs crew to go sailing on the Pacific
  • dinner date overlooking Dana Point harbor?

There is always something enchanting to me about being near water…

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