CA09: Couple days’ worth of posts overdue

The last couple days have been filled with beach and then Disney’s California Adventure.

On Sunday, we spent the day at the beach and then hung with my cousins for a little food party — what an awesome grill setup my aunt and uncle have on their back porch.  One thing I forgot to mention about the condo we rented: just one walk down the cliffside stairs (and past the massive new oceanfront construction projects) to the beach.

We had a hookup yesterday at Disney who treated us very well at the part.  Unfortunate, however, was my thinking that I should forego my camera going into the park knowing how awful the bag policy has been in parks I have been to recently (-cough, cough- Six Flags no longer has any storage on roller coaster platforms whatsoever and you have to turn around after waiting 2 hours because they refuse to let you go on anything with a bag.  Period.).  To my disappointment, Disney is very bag and camera-friendly, so my coverage is a little lacking.  Then again, I tried to make up for that with my forte — sports photography.

At the party on Sunday, I heard of a couple beach towns where there are some freaky people/performers who come out at night.  Looking forward to heading out there this week.  Sounds like there are some cool town centers and/or boardwalks in that direction.  Apparently sailling rentals are relatively cheap, but as no one is really all that acclimated, sailling is becoming less and less of an opportunity out here.
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Still to come:

  • Harbor pictures
  • Sunsets

Quotes of the days:

“That guy really wanted to show off his shoulder hair.”
“He had so much hair that it almost looked like angel’s wings.”
“You know, that is exactly how I imagine angel’s wings… like huge balls of steel wool instead of soft feathers.”

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