CA09: Laguna Beach = CANDYLAND! (and then there was California sushi…)

The last couple days have been beach-bound.  I am looking forward to some adventures ending this week.  Adventure of the day was the ten-minute drive up to the Laguna Beach area where my sister, aunt and I raided the Candy Baron, a beautiful candy shop in the shopping district. The Candy Baron provides you with an apple bushel at the front door, and you just browse around, dropping in what your sweet tooth craves.  Checking out involves a weighing of your bushel’s sinfulness, and you gorge from there.

Laguna  is pretty on all fronts; there is a lot of athletic action on Main Beach of Laguna as well as a lot younger crowd from where we are coming from near Dana Point.  I am sure that the area has balooned with tourism because of an unmentionable reality TV show, but whatever.  I liked not being surrounded by a bunch of families for once.  (Side note: Yesterday, when we were driving just north of the area in the car I saw the only Bentley + Porsche dealership I believe I will ever see in my lifetime.)

Tonight, we had a little sushi action at a new favorite, You and I Sushi in Laguna Hills.  My siblings had never had a sushi experience and they were not disappointed.  The service was excellent; our sushi chef was really quite friendly and welcoming to us, but having regular customers introduce us to the restaurant helped as well.  Be sure to check it out when in the area!
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