CA09: Laguna Beach reloaded (+ supermodels interrupted)

Yesterday, my parents took off for Catalina Island while the chilinz, my cousins and aunt took off for Laguna Beach part two.  My cousin and his girlfriend were dead-on when they suggested going to Victoria Beach in Laguna.

The morning there was shared with an uncrowded beachfront, a supermodel photoshoot and a group of junior lifeguards. Out of nowhere a wife came up to me to ask me if I could do a sit-up without my feet being pressed down (her husband thought she was a freak for being able to do one herself).  He thought “normal people” can only do one with their feet being pressed down.  So, he challenged her to find anyone on the beach who could do one without an anchor.  I obliged and succeeded in two in a row, just to be like that.  There was ten dollars riding on this bet, but I let her keep her cash in the end because we ended up drawing the stares of many beachgoers (fortunately…).  No pictures there, sorry.

However, on a walk around the bend, there were a couple of really neat coves just filled with mussels (and, as mentioned, a photoshoot looking for some privacy… blame overprotective boyfriends or models who just want to flaunt their stuff to hundreds of pages as opposed to hundreds of real eyes).  I snapped a lot of natural stuff off over there but also stole some of the photoshoot in my background when we were all distracted by an platoon of junior lifeguards swimming through the rock formations there.  The (incredibly fake) model was really pissed — there must have been an hourly contract situation.  We all laughed, but away from the sight of ripped-out, tattooed boyfriend.  I also saw a smirk from the photographer out of the corner of my eye.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Main Beach in Laguna to see what all the population was there for.  There was a lot of strolling to be done; the beachfront stretched a great while.  The water was just filled with seaweed even so far out into the water as to be up to my neck, and I am not sure they the sand is raked there at all (in contrast to beautiful Victoria and the Dana Point beaches).  I saw more people at Main (and a lot more reale estate lining the shoreline), but would much prefer Victoria.

The night was charmed by a quick stroll through Dana Point Harbor after sunset.
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