grand week

My contributions have been minimal since this summer.  Working a new job has kept me on my toes.  I am excited about many things this week: a promising speech season officially begins, I am wrapping up projects at work and starting others.

I realized today that I learn a tremendous amount about myself from other people.  They poke at my personality, they prod at my opinions (or their backings), but most of all, they applaud successes.  As a Teaching Assistant for Reading & English, I have had some work to do (like any job), but the rewards have been the thank-yous that I hear by word of mouth, receive via email or overhear when they use, for example, the data that I have been collecting/managing/producing.  And they are personal rewards that I want to take note of now that I have the breather.  Those small actions tell me a lot about the teachers I am working with now.

So, cheers to the end of the first quarter. And thank-you, too.

Is it just me or am I setting up many of my posts in the style of a Personal Statement, for, say college applications?  I bring light to this perhaps because I have been reading or overheard tutoring with students on many a college essay these past few weeks… yeesh.

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