Christmas reminders before I travled to 日本

December 25, Chicago’s ORD airport

Before boarding the plane, I had many last words of advice from friends, family and colleagues.  One made me stop in my tracks in the middle of the airport walkway.  I turned.  I saw.  He failed.  And then some other guy walking by stopped to see what I was snapping a picture of.  Something of a morning chuckle:

Thank you, Tiger Woods, your endorsement poster actually had good words (somewhat applicable to travel), but just poor timing on Acenture's part.

One thought on “Christmas reminders before I travled to 日本

  1. Accenture has actually had these ads for a while, since I remember checking out their web site for job postings a few months ago and wondering wtf Tiger Woods had to do with…anything Accenture does. This coming from an English major who’s more than familiar with “metaphors.” Anyway, when all the drama with Tiger came out I remember hearing that Accenture pulled him from their ad campaign; I guess they just haven’t fully covered their tracks yet. 😀

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