things you don’t realize until you shave your head…

  • I can’t pull a t-shirt over my head nearly as well, because my skalp is like velcro.
  • After gooping up my hands with gel after a shower: “Hey, I don’t need this!”
  • There are drafts in certain rooms.
  • My head doesn’t sit on my pillow as well.
  • The dome is a little more sensitive to steamy-hot showers.
  • Upon entering a room in the house, my dog barked at me on two different occasions.
  • I should have auctioned off my eyebrows to the highest donor.
  • Don’t raise your right hand to wave at someone across a bar.
  • Damn, I made the Daily Herald coverage…
  • Teachers who have been there years said yesterday’s pep assembly was the most amazing demonstration of our school pride in their 25+ years there…
  • I can’t be prouder of my contribution to the cause.

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