what a time of year…

I always end up finding some reason to go through all of my mementos in my closet every spring.  I hate to call this action “spring cleaning”, but I am afraid that it is commonly referred to.  Regardless, as I am going through the collected items in my overstuffed travel envelopes, I am left wondering: “What country will I spend my next New Year’s?” 2007-2008 was spent in Rome.  2008-2009 was in Colorado (okay, may not be a country, but a different altitude).  2009-2010 was spend in Japan.

I found notes that I wrote about those places.  I found notes that I wrote about the people I met there.  Wow, I even found notes I wrote in high school!  I hope they all are looking forward to the spring as much as I am.

I just got done buying a car.  A great car at that.  A great car and at a hard-driven bottom price.  What am I doing thinking about running away?  Oh, that’s right, I bought a car to run away…

With great wonder at the past and imagination of the future,

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