using Diigo to annotate poems & organize research

I recently moved over to Diigo (after suggestion from a colleague), which is a more interactive and community-discussion-friendly social bookmarking service.  Mostly, I wanted to get more control and a fresh approach to using the countless bookmarks that I seemed to have archived over the years.  You still tag, categorize and annotate, but the extension in Chrome allows a lot more while the website does some extra archiving work for you that Delicious or others may not.

Well, a couple days after making the move, I was helping a student annotate a poem, and thought, “Wait, I can be doing this online for any student to see; share the notes; start discussion; etc!” [I intentionally left the etc. in italics, because I still don’t think I have unlocked.]  Here’s what I played with:

  • I did go back and used the Chrome extension to color-categorize words that met rhyme patterns or a certain scheme.
  • I added notes and questions with the sticky note tool.
  • I then realized that discussion had already begun in the Diigo community on a bookmark I added, so bookmarking can go beyond the classroom (and into others?)
  • I could create groups for my students that I follow (at a class, project group or other level) and then comment on.
  • I also get a sense as to whether groups are on-track to meet deadlines, etc. without having to assign a grade or request materials during classtime (big time saver and not just for the instructor).  Each post is roughly date-stamped.
  • And the icing on the cake: pages are cached!  That’s right, they take a snapshot of the page in case it disappears(!@#$%) into the internets to never be seen again.  (Big plus for archiving cool stuff you might want to use in the future!)
  • Nice thing: you can use an OpenID, Google or Yahoo account to log in.  They will also move over all of your Delicious links (saving your tags, etc) through the Delicious API.

Yum, links.  Contact me with any ideas.

Check out what I’m reading on Diigo.

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