first reactions to CNet’s preview of Office 2010

CNet unveiled its first previews of Office 2010 today.  From the looks of it, Microsoft is doing what it should be doing best: stealing word-processing platforms’ features and ease of use.

  • Conversation mode for email?  Try GMail Beta… like 10+ years ago.
  • Customizing your ribbon?  Okay, I will give that to them, but it should have been in the first version.
  • Sharing documents through other online account logins from Facebook, in their case.  (Hmm… Zoho allows OpenID, Yahoo & Gmail accounts to access services and share documents, etc.)
  • Wait, so I have to buy your license before I go and use your branded, online word-processing?  Why even migrate all of my work away from GoogleDocs?
  • Oh, but wait!  Using their online service preserves formatting between online and offline… oh, because that isn’t a given.

I’m sorry, as a home user, and even as an educator, why should I hand over money for features I won’t use for my own personal work?

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