TED: bringing in the experts on the oil disaster

I am increasingly upset about the oil spill, the response and the diminishing concern over the long-term effects on our planet.  This entire catastrophe has been an eye-opener to my environmental impact on our planet.  There are many beautiful things we will see in this life, but I increasingly fear what will be tainted by irresponsibility from every angle.

Leave it to TED, though, to have one of the most powerful presentations on what has been ruined or will be ruined by BP.

Some excerpts:

That guide’s entire calendar year is canceled bookings. He has no bookings left. Everybody wanted their deposit back. Everybody is fleeing. That’s the story of thousands of people. But he told Ted that on the last day he went out, a bottlenosed dolphin suddenly appeared next to the boat. And it was splattering oil out its blowhole. And he moved away because it was his last fishing trip, and he knew that the dolphins scare fish. So he moved away from it. Turned around a few minutes later, it was right next to the side of the boat again. He said that in 30 years of fishing he had never seen a dolphin do that. And he felt that — He felt that it was coming to ask for help.

Regarding dispersants:

You can’t see it; it’s being hidden on purpose…Puts the murderer in charge of the crime scene.


So I think that the oil blowout,the bank bailout, the mortgage crisis and all these things are absolutely symptoms of the same cause.We still seem to understand that at least we need the police to protect us from a few bad people. And even though the police can be a little annoying at times — giving us tickets and stuff like that — nobody says that we should just get rid of them. But in the entire rest of government right now and for the last at least 30 years, there has been a culture of deregulation that is caused directly by the people who we need to be protected from, buying the government out from under us.

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