reaction: Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0

Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0

About Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0

This update adds support to Mac OS X for the Magic Trackpad and is required for its use.

It also enables inertial scrolling and the three-finger drag gesture in recent MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 is required before installing this update.

For more information about this update, please visit this website:

For additional information about the Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad please visit:


Version: 1.0

Post Date: July 27, 2010

via Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0.

There are several reasons why this update has ruined my productive interaction with my MBP.  Here’s a few:

  • The inertial scrolling really messes with your laptop reading environment.  Frequently, I find myself skimming a post or document and using the old-school scrolling just fine.  Now, however, I have a fraction of the control that I used to have over how fast the text jerks around or where the screen stops.  Lines zip around faster than my eye can keep up, and the visuals are dizzying for me as a user when things are flying around on my 15″ screen without stopping when I stop scrolling.
  • I interact way to fast with my interfaces (GMail and Chrome to name a few) to make the drag feature worth my frustration.  In fact, it just sent dragging three messages I meant to delete into a GMail label/folder.  Thanks.  There is just not enough control over how quickly the drag function takes over.  If you move fast through your applications or websites, this is not an update for you.  To make this worthwhile, there needs to be some advanced controls to slow/dumb-down how fast you begin dragging items.
  • Wait, three-finger motions were already detected before… why is this only now considered enabled?  So, really, you’re updating to use the Magic Trackpad but not anything more than two annoying features for an interface that was already pretty flawless.

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