reaction: How to Understand American Decline – Newsweek

How to Understand American Decline – Newsweek.

Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  In fact, as you look around at your own situation, consider whether politics in our region or country will be able to overcome its deeply entrenched political lines to overcome our (growing?) adversity and jump back on top.  I can not believe some of the institutionalized issues we have in education, not to even mention the attitude that so many students bring toward what they “deserve”…

There are some fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves with a report like this:

  1. Do we have the resources to overcome our problems?
  2. Do we, as a country (citizens included) have the right attitude?
  3. Can we sacrifice to overcome?  Will people let themselves sacrifice anymore?
  4. Can we unify again?
  5. What is the role of our politicians?
  6. Have we seen “change we can believe in”?  Or can that even exist?
  7. Can we eliminate our cultural dependence on debt?
  8. And with China growing on us, are we too “free”?  What does that word really mean in a global mindset?  And how has our image of what American freedom been translated into something new, globally?
  9. What will happen when our shows of force / global policing are financed by these other countries?  Will we still be seen as the wizened leaders?
  10. Did 9/11 destabilize us enough under poor leadership to really have led us to decline?  (perhaps the scariest…)

And these are only my most immediate questions…

If there is any ‘bright side’ to this evaluation, at least I already have my passport ready and I would look forward to visiting (for any length of time) most of the top ten.

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