Google Voice revolutionizing calling for quotes

I’ve been playing with more and more Chrome extensions (actually, I can’t wait until the OS is finalized…).  The more I play with Google Voice, the more applications I am finding.  First, I am using a Google Voice number associated with my teaching/education email to provide a medium for students to text me questions or leave voicemails (not provided by my school district).

Additionally, I am not using the Google Voice Chrome extension in instant click-to-call on websites to get quotes.  I can’t believe how fast I’m moving through the process.  Find places on Yelp.  Call them without entering numbers, etc..  Tell them the model (from, accessed through public library portals) and size for my car.  I’ve gone through 3 places in less than 5 minutes… just enough time-saving for a post.

Sorry, though, it’s only in Beta by invitation-only.  And, iPhone users cannot unleash the amazing mobile integration I hear about with Android.  However, there is a move that Google is making to integrate calling more into the GMail services, so we will see how Voice and Chat (with calling) begin to merge together.

Google Voice overview
Google Voice Chrome extension

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