reaction: The Social Network… or why my brain won’t stop running in circles

On the day that I go and buy an iPhone (thank you to all of the haters, because you’ll be keeping me in line), I also go and see the only movie that has made me anxious even through the walk out to my car and the drive home.  The Social Network is perhaps the most comprehensive reflection on a tool that is defining my generation.

You can bet that the first thing that I did was brag about my iPhone on facebook.

You can bet that the first place this blog post will actually be read is through my facebook feed.

You can bet that the second site loaded at laptop powerup was facebook.

And perhaps my biggest worry as I was driving home from the movie was:
What am I buying into?

The Social Network eerily reminds me of a lot of the shifts that Daniel Pink has written/commented about through the technology boom(s).  The movie boils the facebook boom down to a few core messages:

  1. First, the movie leaves us knowing that a social network only forms around you if you have the networking skills.  Sure, great fame, great success and great wealth can come from a social network, but you at the center may just be an observer watching the network form/work/interact around you.
  2. Second, I am overwhelmingly anxious about the cultural-economic phenomenon of us being driven by a boom of innovation in the social products of our times.  First, we were farmers.  Then, we were inventors and products.  Now we are connectors… but how many connections can we afford to make before we are all as one?
  3. Finally, paranoia might set in when you think for a second that there can be a Plato’s cave situation.  Imagine you know you’re contributing to a social network (or the Internet) only to find out that your contributions only populates only to give you a sense of trust to the system.  In fact, you that might just be an appearance that gives you comfort in connecting with another person… is any of that interaction real?  (Enter The Matrix)

No movie has made me want to give up social media so much.

And yet, I am driven to sit here and write about that and publish my thoughts to my own network.

What am I buying into?


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