TGIW: good day when you are a PowerPoint wiz?

Today was a good teaching day.  I felt particularly proud of my school’s student body when they were the ones leading the standing ovations (not the staff) during an all-school presentation by a Holocaust survivor.  There was an air of productivity and perspective that permeated throughout the rest of the day.

I was very happy to have jumped on the opportunity to throw in a writing prompt on the presentation.  Though most students had not finished, I was impressed with the connections they had made.  Some students spoke about their 9/11 experiences and reactions.  (I realized most of them were only five or six years old when the towers fell.)

I also had a geeky moment when I was sprinting around PowerPoint, adding to and tweaking graphic organizer that just wasn’t coming together.  As I was recording some notes, I had two kids stop me and bewilderedly say, “How are you doing all of that so fast?!”  We had a talk about my gradwork, my goals and my education background.  We got back to brainstorming/prewriting our essay ideas, but I heard whispers of, “Woah, did you see that?  None of the other teachers can do that that fast…”  </GeekPride>

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