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Website – English Companion Ning.

I’m keeping things simple this year (mostly because of some access issues), but embracing some new tech coming out of Micro$$$$.

First, I collect all of my class-related bookmarks/sites through a social bookmarking service, Diigo.

Next, I am experimenting with new Office 2010 / 2011 features that allow me to store all of my documents on the Microsoft Sky Drive (think Google Docs, but with more complex editing features that are native to Word). I am able to open/edit all items in my SkyDrive, set up public folders for specific classes and store/share all of those documents in a format that is readable to anyone with a web browser… with no need for students to have any version of Word (current or previous!).

To me, this eliminated 1) the continued uploading of new versions/iterations of assignments 2) the many mouseclicks that it takes to upload and then link to any file (to a site manager or FTP servier) 3) the barriers that some students face in keeping up with software. Eventually, I will also be able to upload/share my daily .ppt agendas as well.

This new (really simple) website design also aligns with my district’s new moves to provide students with a Live account (email, online version of Word, online doc storage that doesn’t require sophisticated home setup, etc). I haven’t experimented yet, but I plan on having students use their Live accounts to “grab” documents and write into them before emailing them back to me… That’s where things get a little hard to explain step-by-step.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if you have questions about how things are going, etc.

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