something must be on my mind…

I just posted the last weekly discussion board reflection for my Human Resource Development (HRD). (Yeah, how the heck did I get myself into that class?) Looking back at some of the things I wrote, I am surprised at how quickly I’ve taken the traditionally business-focused class and leveraged the theories and approaches to what I see in my classroom, across my school or in the education industry in general. Despite the abundance of business- and efficiency-related like “resource”, “training”, “organization”, “strategy”, etc, I still found a way to pull in my own career.  (In some ways, it’s also erie to think about how much has also surrendered to business mentality…)  For instance, I dragged student-focused PLCs into discussions of Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning.  Really, I don’t think I would have ever gotten such a keen birds-eye view of so many of our meetings and collaboration had it not been for this class.

I think part of that is due to the way that I’ve honed some sort of “Adam magic” (at least according to one of my classmates).  I write my way into a corner and then out by building connections, telling stories or just questioning the basic values of the prompts in the first place.  I’m thankful for that skill, for without it I don’t know how I could have navigated through this course load this semester.  Someday, I’ll get down to what it is I do and find a way to teach that well.

Cheers to the wind-down.

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