Not even the first day and I’ve got a "what went well" post

There are times this week that I wish I had a clone.  Seriously wished, I should say.  Preparing for a new school year at a new school is a constantly growing list of To-Dos that compete amongst each other.  I have not had to re-stack and then Post-Its for a while, but I have to say that I’m thankful for the larger pads. As I am about to take a splash into a new classroom, I wish I could be in many places at once.

Some of my new responsibilities now involve professional development of fellow colleagues — a daunting task for anyone just walking in.  I look forward tomorrow to checking out my feedback (thanks to an anonymous Google Form sent to those in attendance). As I am unwinding, here are some things I am thankful worked out today::

  • a clear picture of who kids are nowadays (fulfilling one of the 3Rs of our school)
  • an open, honest discussion and communication of the “Knows” and “Need-to-knows” of my fellow colleagues
  • embracing my fellow colleagues’ expertise
  • embracing my fellow colleagues’ expertise and then getting them outside their comfort zones or areas of expertise
  • handing out some take-away / “goodie bag” items
  • using collaborative tools to bring in responses from the audience (who then have their memories imprinted on the goodie bags)
  • collaborating on a clear agenda of where to pick up next
  • cold water bottles in our room (thanks to my team teacher…lifesaver)
  • …and the golden one: linking traditional literacies to new, 21st century literacies
  • …but more importantly: having an open discussion of how it works in real life for us as adults/professionals/intellectuals/facilitators versus how it sometimes does not work out for our kids/scholars AND THEN how we can make it work for kids

I appreciate a place where genuine, sincere compliments connect people.  And that place can be anywhere.  Physically or virtually. Work or home.  Public or private.  However, when the passionate, caring work of one begins to compliment the efforts of others, then there has been part of a real, valued-added exchange that tugs at the core foundations of a relationship.  That goes beyond that buzzword that has been floating around so much these days: collaboration.  Having been in a place for only a few weeks and being both the recipient and giver of complimentary exchanges, I am excited to say that I have felt that tug. And that tug is encouraging and energy-granting.

Nevertheless, clones would be helpful to keep up with everything above the human foundation.  (And perhaps when the zombies come?)  Kidding aside, clones would be particularly helpful when, through all of this, I’m impressed by how selfless some are with their quiet/”me” time, even in the car (props to Scott Weidig for taking the plunge into posting a vlog from his car!). I know there are ladders — full of passion and thoughtfulness — that I look forward to climbing someday, but, in the meantime, I’m glad to take some time to sit, think and appreciate having a team with whom I look forward to running this first marathon.

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