@DNTHS students’ reflections on presenting at #ICE12

This morning, I published a YouTube video on some of my students’ experiences presenting at the 2012 Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference.  While not the first time presenting myself at a conference, this certainly was the first time I was working a state-wide event… and really any professional event with students.  Sure, I’ve been an assistant speech coach at many levels, but this was the first time my students were speaking on their learning in school classrooms.

Our original proposal left a lot open for discussion, and discuss we did!  In all honesty, the students who were on the “field trip” were fielding more questions than I was.  We gave a whole new meaning to field experience, actually.  A colleague (who travelled with) and I could not have been more proud of our students.  We certainly were inspired to finish out the year by providing authentic experiences that get students out of the classroom and engaging with the community… even if it’s a statewide community of teachers and educational leaders!

We owe some thanks to New Tech Network for picking up our video, Tweeting it to their followers and posting it on New Tech’s Facebook page.  When I showed one student that the video was shared on the Facebook page, she excitedly shouted, “You mean, that means I’m online?!”  She was giddy for the entire period, waiting for the time when we’d watch it as a class.  It just goes to show you what priorities digital natives have.

Check out the video for yourself on YouTube or use the embedded player below.

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