You are now free to move about your mind: #UIWP2012 week3 reflection

Seventy-five percent: it’s hard to think that I am three-quarters of the way done with the 2012 University of Illinois Writing Project summer institute.  In the past week, I have really been able to narrow my focus on what I want to present in my second video and in my eventual teaching demonstration.  I’ve been reading and reflecting a lot on assessment.  I have gotten my hands on so much that I have a hard time finding time to absorb all of the book smarts, let alone all of the wisdom that is being shared with me through other teachers’ demos.

As I look back on the last three weeks, I can only conclude that I have rediscovered what some refer to as achieving flow — that perfect blend of challenge and interest that keeps you motivated and inquisitive.  I wish, someday, that I can see that sense of flow from some of my students as they write — and probably not write something that is so research-intensive, though that would please my 21st century mindset.  I look forward to bringing more Echo literacy tasks to my classroom this year, because I think I am finally figuring out how to use them for growth, and more importantly, student interest.

I sure hope I can finish out what I’ve started.   And, well, without using the Fourth of July as my study day.

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