July 2 #uiwp2012 wrap-up post

  1. Which piece of writing produced thus far for the University of Illinois Writing Project (UIWP) do you anticipate submitting to e-Anthology 2.0 (http://connect.nwp.org/e-anthology)?
    Last night I submitted my blog entry / review on the Lincoln Hall renovation.
  2. Why are you considering that particular piece for submission?
    I chose to submit this piece because of its connection between the nostalgia I have felt and the excitement for writing that I’ve enjoyed as part of the UIWP.  The Writing Marathon was something I was skeptical about but found to be a lot of fun, especially once I started writing beyond the memories of my undergraduate years.  This piece was still based on nonfiction, but it had a narrative element that I had not yet accessed while drafting and writing for the series and online petition I started.

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